Down and Dirty: A “how-to” Math Book


The Down and Dirty:  A “how-to” Math Book by Phyllis Hunsinger provides a straight-forward, traditional approach to mastery of the fundamentals of math from fractions to quadratics.

For the things of this world cannot be made known without a knowledge of mathematics. – Roger Bacon, English philosopher and scientist



The book presents a review of the number systems and basic operations up to and including the fundamental tenets of algebra. There are “how to” instructions followed by examples. The glossary also serves as the index with page links to the instructions and examples when applicable.

The target audience for this book includes students preparing for the ACT, SAT or college entrance exams; students needing to know the basic fundamentals of math; parents needing a review of basic mathematical operations; and, anyone desiring a reference book demonstrating “how to” do the math.

Spiral Bound Soft Cover

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