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Down and Dirty: A “how to” math book covers the gamut of the mathematics realm. Inside you’ll find an explanation and examples of how to master:

  • The Number System
  • Mathematical Operations
  • Fractions
  • Ratios and Proportions
  • Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Measurements
  • Formulas
  • Statistics
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Sequences
  • Inequalities
  • Algebra
  • And More!


See for yourself how Down and Dirty: A “how to” Math Book is a great teaching tool or refresher. Take a look at a few excerpts: 

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“Math proficiency is a strong predictor of positive outcomes for young adults. It influences their ability to participate in post-secondary education and their expected future earnings.” University teachers complain they are getting students with weaker math skills each year and more students need to take remedial courses once they enroll. This means extra costs, lower earnings, and limited employment choices. – Tatyana Belyavskaya, renowned mathematician, Feb. 4, 2014, citing a survey by The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development